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Patient experiences of online and face-to-face psychological therapy

'I found Dr Bratton very easy to talk to. She really helped me to understand the family dynamics I was dealing with and that gave me more peace of mind about what had happened. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with difficult family relationships.'

I saw Dr Bratton for 1 year during my final year at university while I was struggling with family stress and past trauma that I had built up over many years. She provided me with a safe place to express my troubles and helped me work through a lot of things. She managed to get 'straight to the point' and challenge me in a friendly and comfortable environment. I am beyond grateful for my time with Dr Bratton as it was my first experience working with a clinical psychologist and I was very sorry to have to stop working with her after I moved city. Thank you, Dr Bratton, for all your help and support over the year, I wouldn't be where I am now without you being a part of my support network.

'Dr Helen was a godsend as a therapist. I’d been in therapy before, but when I started with Dr Helen I was a shell of a human with no confidence or self esteem and couldn’t say a single positive thing about myself. Over the course of almost 3 years, including the stress of the pandemic, Dr Helen helped me to reframe how I saw myself and how I managed my anxiety. I hardly noticed how gradual the changes were until a situation would happen and I could handle it with calm, control and acceptance, and then I’d reflect on how I would have handled it a year previously and the difference was night and day. I was able to outgrow a negative situation without guilt or hesitation, and think of myself in a positive way, also without guilt or hesitation. I really looked forward to my therapy appointments, and when they drew to a close, it was because I no longer needed them, even though I wanted to stay just because I enjoyed them so much. I cannot thank her enough for everything, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, she has truly made my life so much better by teaching me what I needed to learn about myself.' 

My time working with Helen was invaluable. When I first got in touch, I was unable to recognise why I was feeling so stressed, had such a short fuse and was snapping at those around me. I was very nervous to even get in touch, as it was so out my comfort zone, but Helen made me feel welcome and at ease very quickly. There was never any judgement for what I was saying, but some hard reflections & realisations that were uncomfortable to process but have made me stronger coming out the other side. Helen was great at helping me reflect on my own thoughts & feelings. Alongside this, Helen asked me to complete a few practical journaling exercises which opened up a lot of emotions & helped me process a hard time in my life. I will use these practices moving forward to help me manage my mental state. I can't recommend Dr Helen Bratton enough - I feel so much better after only 7 sessions.

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